A collection of presentations from projects I've worked on.


Myself and David were asked to talk about the FT's approach to product development for it's internal tools at TFM.

I started a new job, Technial Director for Internal Products.


I talked at CSV Conf v2 in Berlin about the new Financial Times' in-house data pipeline.


I talked at DevOps London about feature expiry.


I'm was the Developer Manager for theguardian.com during it's responsive rebuild of 2013/14.

Mostly these presentations are related to the News Storyline Ontology, which I worked on with people from the BBC, PA and Ontoba.

Here's one about responsive design,


I was the technical lead for BBC News for a couple of years around 2011/12, mostly working on responsive design,

I worked on a project called BBC Lab UK around 2009,