A collection of presentations from projects I've worked on.


The one with the canary - why replacing your organisations homepage with that of a competitor's feels like the end of the world, but isn't.

Associated words.


Myself and David were asked to talk about the FT's approach to product development for it's internal tools at TFM.

I started a new job, Technial Director for Internal Products.


I talked at CSV Conf v2 in Berlin about the new Financial Times' in-house data pipeline.


I talked at DevOps London about feature expiry.


I'm was the Developer Manager for theguardian.com during it's responsive rebuild of 2013/14.

Mostly these presentations are related to the News Storyline Ontology, which I worked on with people from the BBC, PA and Ontoba.

Here's one about responsive design,


I was the technical lead for BBC News for a couple of years around 2011/12, mostly working on responsive design,

I worked on a project called BBC Lab UK around 2009,